It takes a village

A warm thank you from HWGC

These are the many folks who have shared their enthusiasm and support for the start of this project.  We are truly grateful!

Town of Wenham

Peter Lombardi, Town Administrator
Jack Wilhelm, Chairman, Board of Selectman
Catherine Harrison, Vice Chairman, Board of Selectman
John Clemenzi, Clerk, Board of Selectman
Bill Tyack, Director, Department of Public Works
Travis Good, DPW Group Leader
Shawn Davis, DPW Parks Foreman
Keith Carter, DPW Foreman

Peter Britton, Brick Ends Farm (Nate and John, too!)

Steve Calef, Corliss Brothers Garden and Nursery

Gretel Clark, Conservation Consultant/HWGC Conservation Chair

Catherine-Carney Feldman, Shamrock Acres, Ecologically Responsible Landscape & Gardening

Ann Molloy, Neptune’s Harvest

Ditty Mulry, Landscape Designer

Win Mulry, Landscape Designing with Nature Planners, Inc.

Greg Horner, Hamilton-Wenham Community (Vegetable) Gardens

David Phippen, Landscape Specialist

Frank Todd, Landscape Architect

Kristen Z. Noon, Wenham Museum

Sally Muspratt, Sally Muspratt Landscape Design, Inc.

October 10, 2018

A very sincere thank you to these folks for their most recent contributions.  Without their gift of volunteer time, talent or funding, we would not have reached the completion of our Phase One which includes: 

  • Digging garden shape, paths and installing path materials
  • Finalizing tree and shrub clean-up
  • Donations/funding to bring the plant foundation design to life
  • Digging and installation of foundation plantings
  • Delivery and placement of boulders
  • Mulch/mulching to prep for winter

Paula Bartlett
Alex & Dana Begin
Dianne Bucco
Kevin Butler
Steve Calef
Nancy Cannon
Keith Carter
Althea Cranton
Shawn Davis
Gerald Donnellan
Gayle Faro
Cathy Felton
First Church in Wenham
Steve Flynn
Travis Good
Michelle Granese
Rob Guest
Susan Guest
Jean & Paul Fucillo
Institution for Savings
Annette Janes
Veronica Johnson
Joanne Kennett
Heather Kent
Max King
LuBeth Kuemmerle
Peter Lombardi
Rosemary Loring
Mardi Lowery
Tracy Lutz
Jake Maier
The Maier family
Nancy Mann
Candy Martinez
Catherine McLaughlin
Woody Merriman
Enid Mingolelli
Linda Morey
Ditty Mulry
Win Mulry
Michael Murphy
Moya Murphy
Gail Murray
Candy Martinez
Sally Muspratt
New England Biolabs
Nicci Roebuck
Gay Roland
Stephen Ryan
Linda Sarkisian
Antonio Sesin
Andrew Spofford
Rosemary Swenson
Bill Tyack
Janet Wasileski
Town of Wenham
Wenham Boy Scout Troop 28
Jeanne Whitman
Tim Whitman
Carol Zepp

… to be continued!